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Kim Marcom Advertising Video Production Company is considered by many enterprises from across all industries to be a well-trusted video Production House in Ho Chi Minh City.

With a team of seasoned professionals in Marketing strategy and Advertising, possessing extensive knowledge of the preferences of target customers, Kim Marcom Advertising Video Production Company offers a unique solution for your business in the form of Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Advertising Materials. Through our expertise, we can create projects that authentically showcase your business and serves as its voice.

Our team is dedicated to continuous research, ensuring that we stay up-to-date with the latest trends. We are dedicated to continuous creativity in character development, carefully cultivate your brand’s messages in promotional videos, advertising videos, corporate video productions. “Turn Advertising into Entertainment. Turn PR into Desire”. With the pioneer position in  Advertising Video Production Company in Ho Chi Minh City, Kim Marcom is proud to successfully assist Brands in creative promotional campaigns, elevating their position in the industry.



Kim Marcom was created to assist Brands to rise above the competitors by creating a robust brand identity.



Become the leading partner of businesses in cost-efficiency across all Marketing Strategy Development and Advertising Video Production.


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Kim Marcom Advertising Video Production Company is one of the most well–trusted Advertising Video Production Company in Ho Chi Minh City

With more than 1000+ projects for enterprises across all industries like pharmaceuticals, agriculture, technological, logistics, digital transformation,…. Our content has driven brand affinity, and galvanized business results for the world’s most influential brands.

Meet The Team

Kim Marcom is home to developers, graphic designers, editors, color grader, sound effects engineers, animators, project managers under a single roof. This diversity helps us proactively address our client’s needs and deliver high-quality videos. 

We are dedicated to continuous improvement and creativity in order to deliver excellence. All of our video production is detailed, targeted and well developed to ensure it has the maximum impact for what’s required. We offer our clients an end-to-end experience tailored to their budget and their needs, from ideation and creative development throughout production and post.

Kim Marcom team

Our Clients

We have delivered more than 1000 projects in industry verticals spanning across technology, agriculture, business services, manufacturing, healthcare, consumer products, nonprofits and more.


Kim Marcom is your one-stop advertising solution provider. We offer a broad range of creative services with laser-focused expertise to international clients across industries and verticals. Let us assist you in turning ideas into reality with our services: 


Why should you choose Kim Marcom?

Our team consists of marketing professionals, experienced directors and dedicated production crew for each stage. Our team comprises experts with vast industry experience. We provide advertising video production, promotional video, corporate video production, and promotional strategic services that neatly outline your offerings and core business values to your existing and potential customers

Thriving for budget optimization without sacrificing the project quality. “Kim Marcom’s production cost has always been a well worth it investment in Marketing, Advertising and Promotion for Businesses”.

We are proud to be the Production House behind more than a thousand projects on television commercials, promotional videos, marketing videos, corporate videos, animations, and media publications from across various industries like pharmaceuticals, agriculture, technological, logistics, digital transformation,…

We constantly stay-up-to date with our equipment to ensure the most technical shots with impressive effects.

No matter if you’re looking for a production agency to fuel your website content or create a set of creative video ads, at Kim Marcom, we help you transform your brand’s statement into a powerful project that captivates your audience and sparks conversation, with the voice of your brand at the fore-front.

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